this is marketing

marketing is a team department in which creativity is mixed with a pinch of magic. we organize any kind of events on a turnkey basis (from global banking conferences to atmospheric parties) and also turn ideas into designs – we create art installations, advertising products, photo zones, etc. or we will come up with ideas and implement everything you want: concept, design, branding, video.
our team members organized ukraine wow and odesa international film festival, held global promotional campaigns in ukraine for star wars and uefa champions league, and also organized events for visa and banks in ukraine and abroad.
what else can the marketing team do?
  • produce and brand gift products
  • create graphic materials and write selling texts
  • develop an identity
  • write scripts and shoot videos
  • settle any turnkey marketing projects

this is a team

event managers, accounts, strategists, designers, copywriters, and logisticians work on projects. we all know how to be creative, so if you need fresh ideas, you are welcome.
before getting into marketing, members of our dream team volunteered at eurovision, mined gold in ukrainian rivers, worked on regional television, helped foreigners get visas, and managed to write two diplomas on the topic of beer. this background helps us find inspiration in the most unexpected things.
marketing activities conducted for our clients
online and offline events organized in ukraine and abroad
promotional campaigns conducted
>45 K
units of gift products designed, manufactured, and sent to recipients

these are projects

from a brief to the top case in just a few steps! if you don’t know what exactly you need, but want it to work, come to us, we will help. we will throw in ideas, find contractors and launch a wow project. we do for others just like we would’ve done for ourselves.
visa new year’s party
fast track
women's corner

these are friends

they are much more than customers or partners! events, platforms, training courses, loyalty programs and hundreds of other projects we’ve done for them evoke genuine pride and great love in us.

and these are contacts

don't postpone until tomorrow what can be done right now! write/call/subscribe – what if new cool projects are already waiting for you and us. be infocus. every day is better with us!
this is to create the coolest case with us
this is to contact the big boss of the team – tetiana
this is for your cool resume, future colleague!
and this is to learn more about us. in touch!